I’m probably no different than a lot of writers when I admit that I was a reader first. Like most people, I was drawn into reading because I loved being immersed in story—who doesn’t enjoy being lured into interesting new worlds and entertained by intriguing characters and situations?

What’s really interesting to me is this transition that occurs for a lot of us—the point when we say “hey, I want to do that . . . I want to be a writer.” For me this transition occurred because of a need to exercise my own imagination. As a kid I was enthralled by the idea that a person could create a world and capture it all in a novel—mostly because I was mesmerized by the novel as being such an intimate medium through which the author could employ his or her own creativity and imagination. For me, reading and writing are about tapping into a person’s imagination . . . and so that’s what drives me as an author. I want to create stories that are fun, interesting, and exciting . . . stories that are entertaining, because as a reader first, I know that’s what people want. Hopefully I get it right!

Philip is currently hard at work on the second book of the Vedd McNeer trilogy. When he’s not writing he’s mostly hanging out with his family, including his three wonderful children and his lovely wife.

You can contact me at pmk@pmkeith.com